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A message from Wendy Darling Photography (Tulsa Newborn Photographer)

Tulsa best newborn photographer

A message from Wendy Darling Photography (Tulsa Newborn Photographer)

As I sit down to reflect on this year so far, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for all my clients who have entrusted me with capturing your precious moments. Your support, trust, and appreciation mean the world to me. Thank you for keeping me busy, for valuing not only my skills but also my time, passion and dedication I pour into every session. Thank you for choosing me, even when there are other options that may suit your budget better. Your continued kind words and encouragement inspire me to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver my very best with each session. It’s truly an honor to be part of your life’s journey, freezing those magical moments into timeless images that you can cherish forever. Your support keeps me motivated, and for that, I am deeply grateful. Please know that I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have clients who not only appreciate my work but also allow me to continue to do what I love. Your satisfaction and happiness are my ultimate goals, and I promise to continue striving for excellence in every project we undertake together. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your trust, your kindness, and for keeping me happily busy doing what I love most. I look forward to many more opportunities to create beautiful memories together and watching your families grow.


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