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Santiago's Newborn Session -photographer in tulsa

Updated: Apr 8

Welcome to Wendy Darling Photography Studio, where every moment is cherished and captured with love and care. I had the pleasure of welcoming little Santiago and his parents, for their newborn session in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Santiago's parents share a deep love for soccer, which has been a significant part of their lives long before the arrival of their precious bundle of joy. Their connection through the beautiful game has only grown stronger with time, and now, they are excited to introduce their newborn son to the world with the same passion and enthusiasm.

As the session began, the atmosphere in the studio was filled with warmth and joy. Wendy, worked diligently to capture every tiny detail of Santiago's first days – from his delicate features to his adorable sleeping poses. Santiago's parents watched with awe as their little one was gently posed amidst soft blankets and charming props, each moment etched in time to be treasured forever.

Throughout the session, they couldn't help but marvel at how quickly Santiago seemed to embody their love for soccer. His playful kicks and serene expressions mirrored their own joy and excitement, a beautiful testament to the bond shared by this young family. hopes to continue to document Santiago's milestones as he grows.

With hearts full of gratitude and anticipation, they left the studio, eager to share the beautiful moments captured during Santiago's newborn session with their loved ones. As they embark on this new journey as parents, they know that these photographs will serve as cherished memories of the love and joy that their little one has brought into their lives.

Thank you for joining us on this special journey with Santiago and his family. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and beautiful moments captured here at Wendy Darling Photography Studio. - photographer in tulsa


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